Morning all,

We are yet to have a volunteer come forward to act as MLS Secretary.  We think we have someone lined up to take over next summer, but to we NEED someone to cover the next 12 months.  A Regular/ Reservist/ FTRS individual above the rank of Sgt is what we are looking for.

Please volunteer if you can, the committee roles are vital to keep the league running and moving forward; a league that is enjoyed by more than 1000 runners each year.

Get in touch as soon as possible,



Mon 8 July- Further update on Ian's 500 Mile “Battle Back” Grand Prix 3-7 July 2019

Ian has now completed the ride and done over 500 miles, although he had to walk the last 100m as he got a puncture as he came around the last corner.  He is now up to £6005 on his Just Giving page, so thanks to all who have donated. You can still give, just go to the page from the flyer. Ian travels hundreds of miles to attend MLS and other military events, and even though he is ex-RAF, we still look forward to seeing his tents at O events.

Apologies for the recent failure of the BAOC web site. It is now back up and running, although not yet at full strength.

If you have any problems or failure with the web site, please let me know, with full details of the problem.

Tim Booth, BAOC Webmaster,

The Army Inter Corps Champs will be held towards the end of the year as follows;

  • Sat 30 Nov 19 Night Champs at Caerwent, organised by BAOC

  • Sun 01 Dec 19 Classic Day Event & Individual Champs Forest of Dean (Nr Coleford), organised by BOK

This year will see the introduction of a veteran competition into the format - so former serving personnel, start seeking out cap badged colleagues to be in with a chance! 

RLC is the organising corps for military participation in the event.

Many congratulations to Duncan Francis, Axel Blomquist and Colin Dickson who won the M60 class at today's British Relay Championships in Yorkshire.  They finished just 6 seconds ahead of South Ribble, in a time of 1:44:17.

Congratulations too, to ex-BAOC member Dane Blomquist, back on a visit from his athletics scholarship in USA, whose AIRE team won the Men's Open.  A successful family weekend!

It is with regret that the MLN-O team have had to cancel The Harris Team Champs. We couldn't secure an alternative venue what with people still on Easter leave and the upcoming Bank Holiday Weekend. We would be interested to know if units/competitors would like the event to be held towards or beyond the end of the season please?

The AOA Executive Committee is pleased to announce that with effect Wed 15 May 19, Colonel Ed Heal will be the newly appointed AOA President, vice Brigadier James Woodham.

The committee would like to take this opportunity to thank Brigadier James for his stalwart support since 2013 and wish him many more years of successful cunning running.  We welcome Colonel Ed and look forward to his future contribution as President.

Long Valley North is Out Of Bounds for orienteering until after the Major orienteering event hosted by BKO on the 26 Jan 2020.  This will also be the Southern Champs 2020.

The Admin instruction and application annex for EX SMART RUNNER, The Army Inter Unit Championships is now available via the Events tab

It is proposed to hold a course to achieve the understanding phase for a level 2 certificate in coaching orienteering over the period 12-14 Nov 19 at Longmoor. There is a practical assessment phase after this course to achieve the qualification. This is not an AOA funded course but one paid for from SLC and personal contributions.

More details are available from Phill Batts

Good afternoon all,

Due to assignements this summer the MLS Committee need some new members. This is your opportunity to volunteer to help with the overall organisation of the MLS and is a great opportunity to give back to a sport that is primarily run by volunteers for orienteering enthusiasts to compete.

The two positions up for grabs are:

Secretary and Results Secretary.

Good morning,

The Instruction for the Harris Relay Champs is now online.  It will be pre-entry only as EMIT cards will be allocated to the teams.  There is only just over a week until the entry needs to close for administration time so please action your entries ASAP! We are looking forward to seeing you there!



A licence has been reissued to enable civilian orienteers to participate on the DIO estate as part of military league orienteering events.

The text of the licence is unchanged but the pricing structure has been revised.

With immediate effect, the following charges will apply for each civilian orienteer participant, which will require a levy payment to the AOA Treasurer each quarter;

£2.00 during the year Feb 2019 to Jan 2020

£2.10 during the year Feb 2020 to Jan 2021

£2.25 during the year Feb 2021 to Jan 2022

JK2019 is only 2 months away, if you have not yet volunterred then contact Allan Farrington 07747 446600 or

We have a new batch of BAOC O-Tops in, cost a meare £25, open news item to see attached pic. The sizings are small so most go up one size, we have S, M, L, XL & XXL.  Allan Farrington takes them to all the MLS events, or you can email him at with your order, postage will be £2 extra.

To allow units to upskill their runners the AOA/ASPT basic skills course 13-15 May has been adapted to coincide with the ARMY Inter Unit Team Championships; which is now taking place on Longmoor Trg Areas.

Students on this course WILL be able to compete in unit teams, in this Championships on the 15th and 16th.

The course timetable is being adjusted to run for two longer days (Mon/Tue until approx. 20.00hrs) and until midday on the Wed 15th to fit in the full course content.

Congratulations to all members of the Army Team on the convincing victory over the RAF and Navy this weekend.

The Army Mens combined time (6 runners) of 5hrs 54mins 42secs was nearly 1hr 20mins faster than second placed team, the RAF.

The Army Womens combined time (4 runners) of 3hrs 31mins 23secs was more than 2hrs 11mins faster than second placed team, the RAF.

Individual winners were Maj Rob Ashton REME and Capt Kezia Jukes RE.

A series of leadership lectures will be delivered during 2019 by prominent sports men and women from across a number of sporting disciplines, which may be useful. They will take place in Montgomery House, Aldershot with the first lecture on Fri 11 Jan 19 at 1100hrs delivered by Katy Parott who is an Ultra-Athlete.

Some highlights of 2018, which AOA has used to brief the Chain of Command recently.

There are places available on both the advanced and Intermediate Orienteering Skills courses running at Longmoor over the period of 21-24 Jan 19.

The joining instructions, with an application form are on the events page.

Applications from all three services and our civilian colleagues are welcome.