The warning order for the delayed Army Inter Unit Team Championships on 13/14 October 2021 has been issued - see Calendar.

Entries are open online at

As temperatures rise during the summer, it is necessary to assess the impact of heat on military orienteering activities in line with JSP 375.

On Wed 7 July at the Bulford Ridge MLS Prizegiving event, the AOA President, Col Ed Heal, was delighted to be able to publicly thank Chris Huthwaite for his years of excellent service to the Army Orienteering Association, particularly for the last 7 years as the AOA Chairman. His diplomatic engagement with Army HQ was integral to the resumption (twice!) of military orienteering after the COVID Lockdowns.  Attached is the presentation of thanks.

As an additional mitigation to the risk of exertional heat illness, military personnel are recommended to observe 72 hours light duties after vaccination against COVID.  Further guidance on heat illness can be obtained from the CoC or JSP 375 Ch 41. 

The Prize Giving was held at 1230 on the 7 July at Bulford Ridge hosted by 1 Mercian, conducted in a Covid secure manner according to current guidelines (please see prize giving instructions).

All team/unit Captains are remined that military unit/teams are only eligible for team prizes if they have organised a Summer Series or League event for the current Season.

PFA a list of personnel who should try to attend the prize giving if possible. 

As many of you will be aware, Lt Col Chris Huthwaite has recently stepped-down from the role of AOA Chairman, handing over to Lt Col Richard Mawer. Chris has given over six years to the role and has achieved an enormous amount. All of us involved in Army orienteering owe a huge debt of thanks to him. A formal vote of appreciation is planned for when we next meet as a community (on current planning, likely to be the MLS end of season prize giving).

Guildford Orienteers (GO) are offering a training activity for newcomers, rusty orienteers or anyone who just wants to top up on their skills. This will take place (subject to final land permissions), in the Chantries, on Saturday 19th June 10.00 am -12.00 pm. Meet at the Chantries’ carpark off Pilgrims Way/Echo Pit Road, Guildford, GU4 8AW. The training is open to all, juniors and seniors. It is free to GO members and £2 for others (bring cash on the day).

When the MLS Summer Series starts in July it will be reverting to using the standard contact EMIT system using ecards.

There will be a small demo course put out around the car park from 2 June so that competitors can check that their ecards are still working, Ii is suggested atht you try them more than once, especially if an old card, as 18 months of inactivity is not good for any battery, let alone an old one.

With effect from June, the MLS committee is pleased to announce that entry fees for both civilian and military personnel will be reduced. The MLS will always strive to deliver a high-quality offering at reasonable prices. Fees are set at a level to ensure we remain sustainable and are reviewed on a regular basis. With attendance currently recovering to healthy levels, it has been possible to offer a slight reduction on the fees, which we hope is appreciated by all.

Thank you for your continued support of the league and please do spread the word to your orienteering friends. 

The first of a series of coaching sessions will take place on the 02 Jun at the MLS event at Mychett. These sessions are aimed at Lg Orange or Lt Green competitors and will: start at 12:00, finish around 15:30, include an MLS run on one of these courses and include a de-brief and action planning with a coach. The session will be led by the coaching team from the AOA Centre of Excellence at Longmoor. Units wishing to take advantage of this coaching are to book places, at 50p per student, when signing up as part of the RaceSignup process.

Infantry Championships. The results are now confirmed as follows:

                1st 4SCOTS

                2nd 3RIFLES

                3rd 3SCOTS

Well done to all of the teams for their hard running and congratulations to the medallists.

Individual event. As a reminder, to eliminate some technical concerns and some novice mistakes, the finish times were taken from the final checkpoint.

                Infantry Champion 2021 Lt Mileham 2MERCIAN

The AOA is delighted to announce that all Army Orienteering activity has been authorised by Army HQ to resume in line with Step 3 of the Government's Roadmap, i.e. from Mon 17 May.  It is to be conducted in accordance with British Orienteering Guidelines, adhering to the direction of the HM Government for activity in England and of the Devolved Governments for activity in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

MLS has resumed.  Therefore ensure that your team members details and unit details are correct for those all important league points.

Team Prizes

Route Gadget for the Hogmoor event is now up, can as many as possible please post their courses as Dave Rollins has a few students who are using the event RG.

Note only Part A available for Brown and Blue cses as otherwise the map is just too busy.

We thank Tim Booth for his excellent work over the past weeks to align this website with a more coherent structure, in good time for the hoped-for authority to resume military orienteering in mid-May. It is intended that everything to do with military orienteering can be found through the 'AOA' page and subsequent links.  If something cannot be found on the website, first contact the BAOC Secretary.

In line with current guidelines, we confirm that Army Orienteering is suspended until 16th May 2021 at the earliest. It is anticipated that the first MLS event will be held on 19th May 2021, venue TBC.

The Army Inter Unit Championships have been postponed until later this year.

It is possible that there will be some civilian events on Wednesdays, when this is permitted. Details will be available at

The Army Orienteering Association (AOA) officers are working hard to enable Army Orienteering to re-start in England as soon as possible after 29 Mar 21, as long as the Government continues to allow outdoor sports to begin then.  This will only be in line with  the guidelines that British Orienteering, as the National Governing Body, agrees with the Department of Media, Culture and Sport (DCMS). All activity and all participants will continue to comply with the Army's Force Health Protection Instructions (FHPI).

As requested during the MLS AGM, PFA the current MLS FOE for remainder of the season. This should hopefully help units and team captains identify opportunities to organise an event. If an event is unable to go ahead then the intent is to reschedule the event to the next available date or one which is suitable for the Organiser rather than cancel the event.


MLS Secretary 

MLS Unit Reps,

I am looking at updating the POC which I currently have for the MLS unit reps. If you are the unit rep or team captain and have not received an email from myself recently in regards to MLS AGM or FOE than please send your details to myself via the AOA details tab.


SSgt Des Dickinson

MLS Secretary