We thank Tim Booth for his excellent work over the past weeks to align this website with a more coherent structure, in good time for the hoped-for authority to resume military orienteering in mid-May. It is intended that everything to do with military orienteering can be found through the 'AOA' page and subsequent links.  If something cannot be found on the website, first contact the BAOC Secretary.

In line with current guidelines, we confirm that Army Orienteering is suspended until 16th May 2021 at the earliest. It is anticipated that the first MLS event will be held on 19th May 2021, venue TBC.

The Army Inter Unit Championships have been postponed until later this year.

It is possible that there will be some civilian events on Wednesdays, when this is permitted. Details will be available at https://racesignup.co.uk/

The Army Orienteering Association (AOA) officers are working hard to enable Army Orienteering to re-start in England as soon as possible after 29 Mar 21, as long as the Government continues to allow outdoor sports to begin then.  This will only be in line with  the guidelines that British Orienteering, as the National Governing Body, agrees with the Department of Media, Culture and Sport (DCMS). All activity and all participants will continue to comply with the Army's Force Health Protection Instructions (FHPI).

As requested during the MLS AGM, PFA the current MLS FOE for remainder of the season. This should hopefully help units and team captains identify opportunities to organise an event. If an event is unable to go ahead then the intent is to reschedule the event to the next available date or one which is suitable for the Organiser rather than cancel the event.


MLS Secretary 

MLS Unit Reps,

I am looking at updating the POC which I currently have for the MLS unit reps. If you are the unit rep or team captain and have not received an email from myself recently in regards to MLS AGM or FOE than please send your details to myself via the AOA details tab.


SSgt Des Dickinson

MLS Secretary

The MLS AGM will be held via Zoom on the 14 Jan 2021 at 1900. If you wish to attend please email myself at des.dickinson@gmail.com and I will forward you the invite.



MLS Secretary

The British Orienteering Championships (BOC) and British Relay Championships (BRC) 2020 that had been re-programmed by SEOA for early March 2021 have now been cancelled due to the non-availability of alternative parking arrangements, plus COVID uncertainty.  Individual entrants should have received notification yesterday through Fabian4.  BAOC Members who had paid their Relay Entry Fee contribution will be contacted shortly.

'Soldiers must not forget how to read maps ... Commander of the Field Army has said' according to The Daily Telegraph Defence Correspondent in an article on Saturday 5 December. "The big 'what if' is, if we lose that satellite, lose that geo-locating device, if we lose our communication system, how do we operate?"  'Other senior commanders are ...

The ASPT and the AOA have agreed to resume their Orienteering Skills courses in Mar 2021.

The basic skills course has temporarily been replaced by an Introductory Orienteering Skills course. This will comprise of 4 two hour online sessions on the Mon and Tue, followed by a practical consolidation day at an event location on the Wed. A three day top up will be offered to students later in the year to complete the full course content. Applications via the ASPT

A plug for British Orienteering's new FREE online Event Safety Course - until 31 Dec 20, after which it will cost £10. This provides an overview of the safety requirements and issues in staging an orienteering event. It has a particular focus on risk management and the means of controlling risks at acceptable levels. Even if you are only involved in military events, why not expand your experience?

The BAOC Zoom AGM  occurs at 7.30 pm on Thu 3 Dec. 

Log on details have been emailed to registered Members. If not received, contact BAOC Secretary.

All Members are encouraged to attend what is intended to be a short (<1 hr) meeting to assist the appropriate management of the club.

The Agenda:

Chairman’s, Secretary’s and Treasurer’s Reports

Election of Officers:  Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer    

The current Chairman (Chris Huthwaite) and Secretary (Charles Bromley Gardner) are prepared to stand again.

MOD policy in order to protect the force requires the Army Orienteering Association to limit participation, be it as an official or competitor, in Military Orienteering events to a maximum of 30 non-entitled civilians, subject to any tighter regional regulations.

The (current small) Committee has co-opted two additional officials to help manage club activities:  Karen O'Hara-Styles has volunteered as Membership Secretary, whilst Rob Ashton agreed to be the Manager for BAOC teams in civilian relays e.g. JK, British Champs etc (let's hope that there will be some next year).

The MLS will always aim to provide orienteering at the lowest possible cost to the individual/Unit, whilst also providing the service and standard we have all come to enjoy.

After due consideration and a review of the delivery of Army Orienteering as a component of Individual Military Training (IMT), the Army Orienteering Association (AOA) have decided that in order to protect the force and reputation of the Army and MOD, further compliance measures are required during this global pandemic.

Unfortunately, the impact of this decision will be felt mostly by our loyal civilian community who have recently help us provide top class orienteering for all, delivered by an exceptionally capable volunteer team.

Applications are invited for the replacement of the Army Orienteering Association’s (AOA) coaching officer, who is retiring in May 21. This important part-time appointment coordinates and delivers coaching to soldiers and plays a pivotal role in developing orienteering as an ‘individual military skill’ in the British Army.

The Army has permitted military Orienteering to resume in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with effect from Fri 4 Sep 20.  Orienteering in England had been permitted to resume from 1 Aug 20.

The Army Briefing Note (ABN) is copied to: http://www.baoc.info/sites/default/files/2020/09/07/20200904-ABN_105_202...

Hello fellow orienteers,

We're writing to let you know that you can now listen to over 30 episodes of our podcast, The Run In.

It's made with club orienteers in mind, and gives you a fun and chatty insight into the experiences of orienteers from the UK and beyond.

As a member of the GB team, Will brings his international experience, and as a journalist and commentator, Katherine gets to the heart of the guest's story.

Recent highlights include:

- Georgia Jones (OROX) on pitching orienteering to newcomers whilst setting up the University of Exeter club

The AOA's organising working group today confirmed that, in order to provide COVID-19 assurance, this year's Inter Corps Orienteering Championships would be split across two separate days:

Saturday 28 November: Night Event (Inter Corps & Army Individual) on Long Valley North, based on Tweseldown Racecourse. Military only.

Wednesday 2 December:  Day Event (Inter Corps & Army Individual) also on Long Valley North, with only 30 civilian entries permitted as per the new norm for a Wednesday event.

There is now an Army Orienteering Group on Facebook, with the primary intent to gain more exposure within the Army sport community.  Membership of the Private Group is open to all BAOC Members and military orienteers, but it will be Public so that any-one can find it and read on Facebook.  However only Members can post.