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Our Next Few Events

Wed 5th Aug   MLS Summer Series   Rushmoor Arena
Wed 12th Aug   MLS Summer Series   Frith Hill
Sat 28th Nov   Inter Corps Nights   Twelsedown, Long Valley
Sun 29th Nov   Inter Corps Day Event   Long Valley North

Take Note

Army Briefing Note (ABN) 105/2020 has today been published, enabling the resumption of Army Orienteering in England as Individual Military Training (IMT), in accordance with National Governing Body (NGB = British Orienteering) COVID-19 Guidance and the most up-to-date Force Health Protection Instruction (FHPI). 

The Army Orienteering Association (AOA) will host the first event on Wed 5 Aug 20 at Rushmoor Arena, Aldershot.  Details will be promulgated on the Events page.

Advance pre-entry and pre-payment will be required amongst other measures in order to manage COVID-19 risks.

Note: club coaching and local events are now permitted in Scotland, albeit not under the AOA auspices i.e. only unit-directed training: ...


There is now an Army Orienteering Group on Facebook, with the primary intent to gain more exposure within the Army sport community.  Membership of the Private Group is open to all BAOC Members and military orienteers, but it will be Public so that any-one can find it and read on Facebook.  However only Members can post.

As we get underway in August, do use the Group fro positive comments on events that you participate in, whether military league, civilian or overseas.  We will try to get some post-event analysis posts (positive, remember) e.g. route choices, splits analysis, and keep an eye on likely contenders for championships and the Army Teams.

So do invite your military orienteering friends to join the Group!




MLS will experiment with British Orienteering's Virtual Orienteering Course (VOC) initiative at the Summer Series event on Frith Hill on the 12 Aug 20; subject to all permissions being obtained.Courses will be planned to not use any controls or legs of the courses planned by Colin, although some may be similar/close!There will be nothing at these controls to identify them. You only have your skill and the map.Download the App from your App store. make sure it is the latest MaprunF version.Information for use of this App is in this u-tube video: is now a new App for Garmin smart...