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Next Few Events

Wed 28th Jun   MLN   Hardwick Park, Sedgefield   Pre Entry Required. MLN prizegiving
Wed 28th Jun   MLS Summer Series   Area TBC
Wed 5th Jul   MLS Summer Series   Ash South

Take Note

In the light of warmer weather, all competitors and event organisers should take note of the heat injury advice on the Event Organisation page. See also Heat Injury Prevention Measures

Follow this link for a report on Army contribution to WOD :


Please see attached details of a fund raising event by Ian from Ultrasport, please help if you can as for National Arboretum Memorial.

The current MLS Secretary, SSgt Jamie Ranson, is leaving the Army shortly.  Therefore the position will become vacant post the MLS Prize Giving event on Wednesday 07 Jun 2017.  A copy of the duties and responsibilities are attached.  Anyone interested in taking on this very rewarding and challenging position should contact the MLS Secretary by or telephone (military 94344 5531 or civilian number 01980 615531).

Corps Secretaries are invited to read the attached document which details the format for the IC 2017 competition, circulate it widely and pass any feedback to the AOA Chairman and Secretary.

The new secretary is Maj Andy Johnson who can be contacted by email at

Dates for the Army Inter Corps Orienteering Championships 2017 (in December) are now up on the events page of the website.  The dates have now been confirmed by TVOC.Further details later in the year.