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Our Next Few Events

Wed 17th Jan   MLS   Hawley
Wed 17th Jan   MLN   Beverley West Wood
Wed 24th Jan   MLS   Longmoor   Unit needed to supply manpower for access control/parking
Wed 31st Jan   MLS   Area TBC
Wed 31st Jan   MLN   Primrose Warren   Pre entry required for MLN events
Wed 14th Feb   AOA Long-O Competition - The Nick Bateson Long   Long Valley South   Now re-scheduled for Wed 14 Feb as area is available.

Take Note

Ex ASTUTE RUNNER, the Army Individual Championships, due to be held on 18 Feb, is postponed until a date to be confirmed later this season,

A new event and instructions will be promulgated through the events tab.


There is an opportunity for a Unit to gain either 600 or 400 MLS league points by just supplying manpower for access control and car parking at Longmoor on the 24th Jan 18. Bonus, if you have a controller she/he can have 100 indicidual points! If you are intereseted contact Phill Batts on either or 07733047634


All Army orienteers interested in running for the Army Team at the Inter Services Championship on the 25 Feb 18 at Burnham Beeches are to contact Maj Emmit Andrews.

Please included a list of orienteering achievements in the last 6months.




Dear Planners, Controllers and Organisers,

Firstly I would like to say thank you for your continued support to the MLS; without you it would not be possible for the MLS to cater for around 6000 entries each year during the winter season alone. A truly impressive statistic!

However, I feel strongly that orienteering is not currently catering for the adult beginner – instead the course progression from White to Black is set up to develop juniors who grow up orienteering.  Our soldiers are familiar with OS maps that depict a very different level of detail compared to an orienteering map and I think that it is this change that many struggle to deal with.  Last season 567 people...


The Army gets a mention on the BOF site again wrt the recent Night Champs;

2017 Southern Night Championships ...


British Orienteering Strategy Consultation – Youth. “Every Junior Matters”

The AOA is contributing to the development of this strategy, as significant work needs to take place within the Field Army to attract young soldiers and officers into the opportunities orienteering offers.

At its most demanding, orienteering provides the challenge of navigating over complex and rough terrain whilst running at speed; combining navigational skill and aerobic fitness. To be competitive at this level, an orienteer must train regularly, not only to build up physical...