BAOC AGM: Thu 21 Oct @ 1800 hrs

The BAOC 2021 AGM will be held virtually on Thursday 21 October at 1800 hrs / 6 pm.  The connection details have been emailed to Members.

We have all been busy busy recently, including on O event planning, so there has not been as much preparation as ideal.  An ambitious Agenda is therefore not planned, but will include:


Reports on past 10 months from Office Holders:  Chairman;  Secretary;  Treasurer

Reports on past 10 months from Management Committee:  Fixtures;  Membership;  Club Captain

Election of Office Holders: Chairman;  Secretary;  Treasurer

Election of Management Committee: Fixtures;  Membership;  Club Captain;  Permanent Course Manager

Nominations for all posts will be accepted at the AGM;

Anyone wishing information about the roles please contact the (current) Secretary

Agree Membership Fee for 2022

BAOC-led Events in next 12 months: 

13/14 Nov 21:    Inter Corps/Southern Nights/TrailO (Aldershot)

22 Dec 21:           Christmas Gathering (Winchester)

5 Jan 22:               BAOC/Nick Bateson LongO (RMAS Ranges)

18 Apr 22:            JK22 Relays (Caerwent Trg Area)

BAOC team participation:

27 Mar 22            British Relays (Haslemere)

18 Apr 22:            JK22 Relays (Caerwent Trg Area)

Any Other Business (Members’ topics)


Minutes of the last AGM on 3 Dec 20 are at: BAOC AGM 2020 Minutes


Apologies for non-attendance (for those who want it recorded) to: