MLS Reversion back to EMIT cards

When the MLS Summer Series starts in July it will be reverting to using the standard contact EMIT system using ecards.

There will be a small demo course put out around the car park from 2 June so that competitors can check that their ecards are still working, Ii is suggested atht you try them more than once, especially if an old card, as 18 months of inactivity is not good for any battery, let alone an old one.

EMIT (UK) also has an offer on new V6 ecards (faster electronics and a confirmatory LED flash): as it is EMIT As' 40th anniversary in Norway, they are giving anyone trading in an old ecard a 40% discount on a new V6. So the cost is only £42 for a brand new card (instead of £68).  See the EMIT team at any event.