Civilian Participation in Military League South Events - Update 23 Oct 20

MOD policy in order to protect the force requires the Army Orienteering Association to limit participation, be it as an official or competitor, in Military Orienteering events to a maximum of 30 non-entitled civilians, subject to any tighter regional regulations. We are now clear that this applies to AOA events on whatever land, and all events on MOD land, until further notice, which is likely to be at least months away.  The timing of this restriction meant that 175 entrants to the MLS (Military League South) event on Drayton Down on 7 October were denied their run.  Their entry fees are being held as a credit within until they have an opportunity to use them against a future run. The intent is to offer all those affected a run at some stage during the season, within the capacity of an event.  The logistics of organising events means that assistance is necessary from civilians nearly every week, e.g. covering the start, car parking, control collecting or the often lonely entry gate guardians.  Some 60+ people have been regularly helping at events for some time, giving up their whole Wednesday for a run.  These valuable assistants continue to be a priority to utilise the authorised civilian participation, even every week.  Others will be contacted directly, at about 6 days' notice, and offered a run as and when there is space.  But we acknowledge that this is going to take some time to clear all the credits.  We are certainly willing to receive further offers of assistance (emails will be forwarded from for certain events or particularly in general, in order to be considered for a ‘most favoured’ status.  If a particular event date/location is important for you to attend, then by all means do ask  Of course, if your participation is going to be unlikely, then we will certainly refund your credit; such requests to please.

MLS Secretary