Inter Corps Championships 2020 - Format

The AOA's organising working group today confirmed that, in order to provide COVID-19 assurance, this year's Inter Corps Orienteering Championships would be split across two separate days:

Saturday 28 November: Night Event (Inter Corps & Army Individual) on Long Valley North, based on Tweseldown Racecourse. Military only.

Wednesday 2 December:  Day Event (Inter Corps & Army Individual) also on Long Valley North, with only 30 civilian entries permitted as per the new norm for a Wednesday event.

Team constructs are to be as normal (at Annex E), allowing for different people to run at night (e.g. 4 Men to count for Men) and by day (e.g. 5 Men to count) (but only 6 prizes per team!).

The impact on e.g. Army Reservists to be able to compete on Wednesday without taking leave from their civilian jobs is understood, and regretted.  It is emphasised that this is a one-off decision in the current COVID-19 situation.  It is specifically not intended to be the model for future years.