Falklands Ultra

Is this the year to miss the JK? - No, as the event is now in 2021, and after the JK!

The Event:The Falklands Ultra is an ultramarathon in the South Atlantic islands taking place April 9th-22nd, 2021. You don't need to be a hardened ultra-athlete to take part, for many participants it will be their first endurance event and an opportunity to challenge themselves and find out what they are capable of in an amazing corner of the world with a fascinating history and awe-inspiring landscapes.Broadly following the routes taken by British Forces in 1982 to liberate the Falkland Islands the course covers 100 miles (or 100km) in a single stage from Goose Green to Stanley via Ajax Bay, San Carlos, Mount Longdon, Two Sisters, Wireless Ridge and Tumbledown.A marathon option is also available.There is more info at falklandsultra.com or have a browse of the brochure at bit.ly/FalklandsUltraBrochure1-2.