Davey Averill: Pennine Way Challenge

I start running the Pennine Way (270 miles) on Sat 11th March 2017 (only 5 days away), I am doing it solo and carrying everything I need for 7 days (if it goes into 8 days, I will starve lol). I will be wild camping using the good old army basha and eating ORP, now that’s what I call a holiday.

Please use the link here to access my just giving page if you would like to give some money towards my son James’s charity ‘Climbing Out’  (Click here!).

I would like to thank you all thus far for your help, support and encouragement. If you have previously made a donation, please don’t feel pressured into giving more unless you want to.

If you would like to join me I will be putting my itinerary on FB (look me up and send a friend request).

Please feel free to share this information.

If I don’t make it . . . you are all invited to the wake ha ha

This link is a video of James doing climbing out stuff: https://youtu.be/QvDUmGk4_VA

Thank you