Worthy Down Short 'O' Event

Wed 23/07/03

Thank you to the 104 people who came along to the event, it was a nice change to plan the courses rather than run and I hope we made it a reasonably serious challenge for you. Short 'O', or Park 'O' (which this was nearer to) is about making fast decisions at speed and the differences are measured in secs. The route from 8 to 9 on the A Cse was an example. Calvin and Sarah went straight between the buildings, whilst Dave went around by the road. Calvin was 5 secs up on Dave, who was obviously running faster on most legs and really lost it on the first 2 controls and Sarah was only 3 secs behind Dave and she beat them both to No 11.

I had considered introducing map memory for the last loop, especially after the success of Chris's event at Arborfield, but it would have meant shortening the course, which at 26 mins for the winners was only 1 min over the target. As it was I settled for the spectator element and had the A course run past the pavilion 3 times so we could all watch their progress.

One event to go at RMAS and hopefully you will be back our way on 20 August for the Short 'O' event at ATR Winchester a mile down the road.

Planner: Allan Farrington.

Controller: Paul McClellan

Updated: 23/07/2003 00:21:19

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