Web Site Updates

We are taking the opportunity of the lack of activity during the lockdown to restructure this web site so that information is easier to find, especially regarding the distinction between the AOA and BAOC.

When the reorganisation is actively taking place, the web site will be unavailable - it is anticipated that will only be for a short time on each occasion. Otherwise, we'll be making it available for general viewing, although some items may be in a different place.

Web Site Editors: Note that during the reorganisation period, it will not be possible for anyone except the webmaster to update the web site. So if you want to add or change something on the web site, please contact the webmaster, Tim Booth - webmaster@baoc.info -, with all the required changes, including any files to be uploaded. It may take a day or two, so please try to send this well in advance.

We intend this work to be complete by the end of March 2021.