Virtual Orienteering comes to MLS SS

MLS will experiment with British Orienteering's Virtual Orienteering Course (VOC) initiative at the Summer Series event on Frith Hill on the 12 Aug 20; subject to all permissions being obtained.Courses will be planned to not use any controls or legs of the courses planned by Colin, although some may be similar/close!There will be nothing at these controls to identify them. You only have your skill and the map.Download the App from your App store. make sure it is the latest MaprunF version.Information for use of this App is in this u-tube video: is now a new App for Garmin smart phones. MapRunG. Users have found that this is a much better solution than carrying a phone. A video on its use is available at: you have down loaded the course to your phone,which is only available with PIN available at the -10min satart area, you are advised to turn off mobile data or engage flight mode as this will make the track more reliable. or if using MapRunG put it in your car.The accuracy of your phone can be really be improved by downloading an App called "GPS Status". In the menu of this is is a calibration tool to download the latest satellite possitional information for the area you are in. This will significantly increase the accuracy of your phone. iPhone users have to pay for this AppThe geo-fence around each control for this event will be set to 20m.Why not give it a go?Entry will use the same new online pre-entry system being adopted by the league from the start of this year's Summer SeriesMore details on map issue to follow