Inter Services Orienteering Match 2019

The Inter Services Orienteering match will take place on Sun 19 Jan 20 in the Forest of Dean on Lightening Tree Hill hosted by NGOC.

Congratulations to the Army Men's and Ladies Team and Reserve runners on their selection:

Army Men

Maj Rob Ashton, Maj Richard Barratt, Maj Jason Buchanan, Sgt Dan Cope, Maj Ed Dickins, SSgt Des Dickinson (New Cap), Capt Al Finlay (New Cap),2Lt Paddy Jones (New Cap), Lt Col Rich Mawer (Captain), SSgt Calvin Routledge

Reserves Capt Rob Gardner, 2Lt Huw Stradling, Lt Col John Owens

Army Ladies Team

Col Lucy Giles, Maj Vics Deakin, Maj Lyndsey Jones, Maj Kerry Larsen, Capt Jilly Tovey (new cap), Capt Kezia Jukes (back from world bike tour)

Army Ladies Team Reserves  Maj Karen Baker, Capt Gen Froehlich, LCpl Tammy Short, SSgt Vicky McCreadie