DIO License Update

Good morning,

Just a note to update event organisers and competitors of a few stipulations to the DIO licence that we hold for the use of Defence Training Estates (DTE) for the purpose of Orienteering, which are being enforced much more rigorously, leaving the MLS events in an unfortunate position.

Traders are required to hold a licence to operate on DTE, therefore Caterers such as Tom’s burger van and UltraSport will be required to hold a license and pay per event they attend.  Traders such as these two, who have valiantly supported MLS events for many years, are now in a position where it is not financially viable for them to attend.  The MLS and AOA committee are seeking to reduce the event fee for future events, but this will take some time and negotiation.  The need to have a license will not be withdrawn, therefore if you are planning to organise an event on military property please check that any traders hold the license and are willing to pay the event fee.

Additionally, the DIO licence stipulates that dogs are not allowed on DTE, therefore please do not bring your dog to MLS events held on military land.  Event organisers are requested to highlight this on the event flier and therefore if the event is not on DTE, dogs may then be allowed depending on the permission of the land owner.

Lastly, we currently get charged per civilian runner per event on military land.  This charge is due to incrementally increase over the next few years to just over £2.  Currently we pay just under £2 and therefore we may need to review the cost of entry for a civilian competitor.  This increase will be highlighted in the MLS rules and on the BAOC website to make everyone aware when it occurs.  Wherever possible event organisers try to make the cost as low as possible for both civilian and military competitors, and this will continue going forward.

Sorry for the bad news, I hope these changes don’t reduce the excellent attendance we experience on MLS events.


Andy Brett