MLS Committee Members Needed

MLS will not start until after 29 March. Event dates and locations in April/May are likely to change as areas are re-booked.

Good afternoon all,

Due to assignements this summer the MLS Committee need some new members. This is your opportunity to volunteer to help with the overall organisation of the MLS and is a great opportunity to give back to a sport that is primarily run by volunteers for orienteering enthusiasts to compete.

The two positions up for grabs are:

Secretary and Results Secretary.

The Secretary is responsible for the overall coordination of the league, deputises for the Chairman, is the main PoC for enquiries, books training areas when events are not organised a military unit, and coordinates the end of season prize giving. This could be filled by an OR6-OF3, outside this rank range please contact the current Secretary.

The Results Secretary is responsible for the publication of weekley results and to coordinate and calculate the overall league results throughout the winter season.  This could be filled by an OR6-OF3, outside this rank range please contact the current Secretary for consideration

Neither role takes up a huge amount of time, but are really important to the success of the league; please consider them seriously and be generous with you time to ensure the future success of MLS Orienteering.



26 Mar 19