Hot Weather Orienteering

Dear MLS competitor,

Please note that due to the hot weather we must highlight the potential dangers to participants at MLS events.  We are trying to mitigate the risk as much as possible, but we ask that you consider the following to help us reduce the likelihood of potential heath issues:

Wear sun cream, ideally sweat resistant; wear a peaked visor to keep the sun off your face; ensure you are well hydrated prior to the event; bring a water bottle with you, extra water will be available; take a water bottle around the course with you (there is a water stop half way round as well); please take a whistle so you can signal for help if you require it.

Overall, don't push yourself if you feel uncomfortable, the summer series is an opportunity to hone your navigation skills and is just for fun.

Enjoy the event, remain safe and look out for others who may be struggling too - UNITED WE CONQUER!