New MLS Course and prices

At the MLS AGM on Wed 13 Jun it was agreed that an extra course would be added, the Short Green course would be provided at all events and is designed for the experienced orienteer who is injured and cannot run a full cse our those who want a technical challenge but not up to a full blue cse, also the Red/Long Orange course would now become an Orange cse approximately the same length as the Short Green cse (just over 3Km) but of mainly TD2 with some TD3 controls if appropriate, basically a long yellow designed for the Novice soldier orienteer to get them started on orienteering before they progress to the Light green cse.  The LG, SG & Org Cse would all score a max of 50 points, with Blue still at 70 and Brown at 100.

Prices have also risen to take account of inflation and also the pending rise in the DIO levy and the need for the MLS to be able to fund some mapping costs.  WEF Military £3.50, Civilians £6 (£5 for jnrs)