TVOC's Chiltern Challenge - 20 May 2018

If you have entered for the British Championships on the weekend of 19th / 20th May, no doubt you will have a great weekend of orienteering.

But if you are not going to the British Champs, and are wondering what to do on Sunday 20th May, please remember TVOC’s Chiltern Challenge is taking place that day. It’s at Great Hampden Woods, just north of High Wycombe.

The Chiltern Challenge was scheduled for mid-April, but had to be deferred because the car park field was saturated. Originally a level B event, the event had to be reclassified as level C for technical reasons. But in all other respects, it will be exactly as originally planned, with some of the best terrain in the Chilterns, a newly updated map, and a full range of 12 challenging courses.

The event officials have put a huge amount of work into this event, including finding alternative car parking arrangements to avoid any risk of a repeat cancellation. So please make their efforts worthwhile, and reward them with a decent attendance.

Pre-entry via Fabian4; closing date is Sunday 13th May.