Inter-Corps 2017 Results: Congratulations

Congratulations to the RLC for retaining the Inter Corps Trophy and to the R Sigs ladies for also retaining the Women’s Class Trophy.  There were new winning teams on the Men’s Short and U25.

Army Team Inter Corps Orienteering Results:

Men’s Long Class:

1st         RLC      9.20.21

2nd        RE        9.39.56

3rd         RA        10.43.00


Women’s Class:

1st         R Sigs  5.34.41

2nd        AGC     5.48.54

3rd         RLC      6.01.57


Men’s Short Class:

1st         RA        4.03.16

2nd        RLC      4.12.21

3rd         RAPTC 4.34.17



1st         AMS     1.21.18

2nd        RA        1.24.24


Army Individual Nights Results:

It was a misty night in Penn Woods and Common with some fast times recorded.

Congratulations goes to first time winner of the Men’s Individual Night Trophy to Maj Rob Ashton on the Blue Course (6.2 km) in a time of 45.58 mins.

And regaining the Women’s Individual Night Trophy from 2014 was Maj Sally Calland on the Green Course (4.8 km) in a time of 52.27 mins.


A great w/e of orienteering, and thank you to the R Signals as the organising Corps, and particularly to Hugo Evans as the Army organiser.