Thank you all for submitting your returns. There are a few points to emphasize before we congregate on Saturday Night:

  •          Admin spaces. Teams without tents which can be set up on hard standing can use a loading bay on the industrial estate. There is also some limited space inside the village hall which will be open from 1500hrs on Saturday. The village hall is not large, and if it becomes over crowded TVOC will ask late comers to move elsewhere.
  •          Course Distances. These can be found in the table at Para.13 of the Admin Instr.
  •          Emit cards and Last minute changes to team lists. Allan Farrington will be collocated with the TVOC registration desk in the Village Hall.
  •          The Village Hall. No muddy shoes or Spikes are permitted inside the village hall.
  •          Starting Slots.
  •    The start sheet for both days is attached to this notice. The Start No relates to BOF No. If anyone is missing a BOF No then let Allan Farrington know on the day.
  •    This year the starting slots for runners have been randomly generated in order to spread the best runners over the duration of the competition and prevent a fast pack forming at the back of the race.
  •    Note there is a minimum of 4 mins between runners from the same team.
  •    Team Captains will not be permitted to swap runners around.
  • An amended list is attached as about 5 of the times where showing as **:59 instead of **:00, minor point, but it also allows me to say that ecards will be sorted by teams, collect from me at registration, indivs keep them overnight and use the same one for Day 2, don't leave them in your accm Sunday morning and if you cannot run Sunday please get someone to hand the card back in so we know you are not out in the woods. Also email me any BOF Nos missing I have been through the BOF database an extracted where I can.

    You will note times slots are every 2 minutes, the civilian runners will be going on the odd time slots, for most courses that means there are very few spare slots so if you miss your slot you could have to wait over an hour until there is a gap, so don't be late. If you know someone is not turning up to run then please let me know so I can free up that time slot.

    Note Day 2 is an open punching start for civilians where they can just turn-up and slot in, that does not apply to IC runners you must stick with your allocated times and the start team will be ensuring your go according to the list.  

  •          Spare Torch and Whistle. Competitors for the night event MUST carry a whistle and a spare torch with them.  This will be checked at the Start.  They will not be allowed to start if they are missing this equipment
  •          Downloading. Runners will download with the TVOC staff in the village hall and then download a second time with Allan Farrington, who will be sitting alongside. This will give us full access access to the results as the competition develops.
  •          Payments. I have yet to receive payments from all teams. Some I know are paying by BACVS at the end of the week.  If for whatever reason you are using a cheque and have not already posted it to Horse Guards, you can give it to me directly on the weekend.

Apologies to anyone whose changes, queries and requests I have missed at this stage. From now on I will only be available on my civilian e-mail address and mobile.

Good luck!