League Information

BAOC runs several leagues in the main areas of operations. Most leagues run regular events and have competitive, seasonal results for both individuals and units. Each league is described below.

If you need to contact the league secretaries, their contact details are on the AOA page.

British Forces Germany (BFG)

The BFG league runs in German areas with largest concentrations of British Forces.

League Results: BFG results

Military League Central (MLC)

The MLC League operates in the central part of England and in Wales.

Military League North (MLN)

The MLN League operates in the northern part of England

Military League Scotland (MLSCOT)

The MLSCOT League operates in Scotland

Military League South (MLS)

The MLS League operates in the southern part of England and has events most Wednesdays during the season, with occasional events on other days. The league's normal season is from mid-September until mid-May The league also operates a regular summer series of events with shorter courses which is known as the MLSS and this will include some urban events and other different format of events.

Military League: Northern Ireland (MLNI)

The MLNI League runs events in Northern Ireland

League Results: NI Results