Military League South 2013/14 Results

These are the final results of the season. If there are any issues regarding results, Team Captains are requested to email the Results Secretary at mlso.results at before the Prize Giving Event.

As at 28 Mar 14, Minor Team Scores have been adjusted in accordance with Rule 10 of the MLS Rules.  Some earlier results formulae, incorrectly copied, appeared to be applying Major Unit criteria i.e. 600 points for organisation rather than 400 and top 6 runners to count rather than 4.


18 May 14
Minor Individual Changes as notified

10 May 14

All 1YORKS entries changed to 3YORKS
Mark Saunders Hankley Score added
Individual Units - 12 Mech Bde and 228 Sqn merged into 1 Minor Unit
Minus Score Results zeroed


16 Apr 14
Individual Score Rationalisation: Lt Col Huthwaite,
SSgt Holcombe, Andy MacGregor


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