BAOC Documents

This page contains documents relevant to the various military Leagues or to BAOC/AOA matters.
Note that AOA events should comply with British Orienteering Rules - see

AOA-Heat-Control Measures : AOA-Heat-Control Measures

Army Orienteering Association (AOA)

20201205-"Map reading is the only way if satellites fail"-DTel : Daily Telegraph article: "Soldiers must not forget how to read maps" (CFA)
AOA Insurance Schedule 2020 : AOA Insurance 2020
AOA Licence for Civilian participation in Military League events : AOA/DIO Licence to cover civilian participation in Mil League Events 2019-22
Authoritative Orienteering DIN (and Champs formats) : 2018DIN07-103 - Authority for Army Orienteering
CGS - Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Policy : CGS - Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Policy (PDF file)
COVID-19: AOA Health Screening Questionnaire : AOA IMT Participation Questionnaire Jun 20
GDPR and Army Orienteering : GDPR Note as at Jun 18

Army Orienteering Teams

Inter-Services and Combined Teams : Selection criteria (Revised 2018)

BAOC Management

BAOC AGM 2018 : 20181127-AGM_Minutes

Military League South

MLS Rules 2019-20 Season : Rules corrected 5/2/20
MLS 2018 AGM Minutes : MLS AGM Minutes 2018
MLS 2021 AGM Minutes : MLS 2021 AGM Minutes (PDF)