Find attached the minutes of the MLS Meeting held at Basingstoke War Memorial Park on Wed 25 May 16.

The Harvester Trophy is fast approaching and at present (3rd June), there are no BAOC Teams. The organisers, NGOC, point out that the first closing date is on Sunday, 5th June, so get your skates on if you want to enter. See the web site at or contact the organiser directly if you have any questions  -

The Events list has been updated with all the fixture dates of both the MLS Summer Series and new MLS League season up to end of the 2016/2017 season.

Ths Basic Skill course in June is now full.

The next one is 12-15 Sep, booked via the ASPT; lnik to Susan's email address on events page. Planners and Intermediate Skills also on that week.

The MLS Prize Giving was held on Basingstoke War Memorial Park, Old Common and Crabtree Plantation on Wed 25 May 16, with Champion status going to Army HQ (retaining League Major Units), Upavon Stn (League Minor Units) and BAOC (retaining the League Guest Team).  SSgt Jamie Ranson (Upavon Stn) was the League Men's Champion and Lt Col Woo Allen (RMAS) retained League Ladies Champion.  Also presented were the MLS Individual Champs prizes, with Capt Paul Pickering (22 Engr Regt) winning Individual Championships Men's Champion and Lt Col Woo Allen (RMAS) winning Individual Championships Ladies...

The following areas are Out of Bounds to Orienteering until after the dates delow, this is due to major events.

Long Valley North - SN Trophy 11 Dec 2016

Hawley - Concorde Chase 29 Jan 2017

POC Colin Dickson -

Follow link for a good number of photos, kindly taken by Andy Johnson, from Day 2 (the Relay) of the Army Inter-Unit Team Championships

The current MLS Secretary, WO1 Stu Greening, is leaving the Army shortly (as announced at the MLS Meeting in May 2015).  Therefore the position will become vacant post the MLS Prize Giving event on Wednesday 25 May 2016 (handover prior to Fri 24 Jun 16).  A copy of the duties and responsibilities are attached.  Anyone interested in taking on this very rewarding and challenging position should contact the MLS Secretary by email or telephone (military 94344 8098 or civilian number 01980 618098).

Find attached the results for the MLS Individual Championships, held at Long Valley South on Wed 20 Apr 16.  Any discrepancies to the MLS O Sec in the first instance.  Prize will be presented at the Prize Giving Ceremony event on Wed 25 May 16 at Basingstoke.  Thanks to Colin Dickson for a wonderfully planned course and in particular to all the O Minions who helped out on the day; THANK YOU!

The current South Central Orienteering Association (SCOA) Treasurer, Jerry Newcombe, has decided to stand down after umpteen years in post. A new Treasurer will be required by the Annual General Meeting on 2 June 2016.

The responsibility for loading the ASPT Orienteering Skills courses delivered by the AOA at Longmoor camp has changed as follows: Susan Meadows|Distributed Training Clk|ASPT|Fox Lines|Queens Avenue|ALDERSHOT|GU11 2LB.  Mil: 94222 7246|Civ: 01252 787246|DII(F) ASPT-DT-CLK|

Bids already made should have been forwarded to Susan but all new enquiries about place should be directed to this new Email address

The new AOA Coaching Officer, Phill Batts, is trying to guage interest in putting on one or more British Orenteering coaching courses.   Venues and dates are not set and will depend on the interest shown. Please send in individual indications of interest to to include the level of the course, rough geographic area for the course and preferred period. i.e. Level 2, SE, Summer 16

Congratulations to the new Army Individual Championships prize winners.  The Army Individual Championships took place yesterday 28 Feb 16 in Sherwood Forest.  Courses were physical and well planned producing great competition within a regional championship setting.  Some runners also had a go at the British Night Champs the night before, another very tricky event.  This is the 3rd time that this event has used this national event format and entries were up 3 fold from 3 years ago.  The AOA is very grateful to Nottingham Orienteering Club for allowing us to use their event...

At the MLS Harris Team Championships held at Sidbury Hill on Wed 24 Feb 16, the Army Media Comms team were out taking pictures during the event.  These can be found on the MOD Imagery site (and, of course, on our own web site) along with an article.  Due to the interest generated by this event and military orienteering as a whole, a media piece, with photo images from the event, has been sent to...


Serious night orienteering racing open to all, with events on during February and March 2016.  See the poster attached or for further details either go to or

Happy New Year to you all.  On behalf of Chairman UKAF-O, please find attached the UKAF Orienteering Warning Order for the match against the British Universities over the weekend of 20/21 Feb 16.  A team was selected from the Inter-Services Orienteering Match held in the Forest of Dean on 29 Nov 15, all of whom will travel and compete in the match.

An updated list of the annual AOA Team Champions up to this year has been placed on the Championships Results Page

Congratulations to the Army Team for winning the Inter Services matches.  Particular mention to those that won their first caps: Maj Ed Willcox, Maj Jase Buchanan, Capt Andy Brett and Capt Kezia Jukes.

The Authoratative Orienteering DIN has been updated for the 2015-16 season - please read under Documents for further information.

Where are all the MLC Events this season? Is it all quiet on the Central Front? – No!

Whilst there appear to be few, if any, events organised in the MLC diary, activities are underway to engage with civilian clubs across the region to arrange events on civilian areas to enable military orienteers to participate and compete in the MLC league. Bids are also being developed for some military areas on the patch.