British Orienteering News

The JK 2018 has arrived!

The West Midlands Orienteering Association is looking forward to welcoming competitors from across the UK and around the world to the 51st Jan Kjellström International Festival of Orienteering today. 

Stuck for something to do in the Easter Holidays?

More and more people are discovering that orienteering is a fun and challenging activity that gets them exploring the great outdoors. They are gaining new skills in finding their way in unknown terrain and crossing rough and sometimes hilly ground. You are always discovering somewhere new! It's ...

Interland 2018

In the 2018 Interland match, England were narrowly beaten by the Belgian (Flanders) team. This year hosted by Nederlandse Oriënteringsloop Bond (NOLB) on 11 March in the woods and dunes of Herperduin, near Oss in North Brabant (Netherlands), Interland takes place annually between England, two Belgia...