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52 JK Events

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By Clive Allen, Former Chairman of British Orienteering Federation Well we have to be careful here! 52 held, yes, but 54 planned - the 2001 edition, planned to be in the Forest of Dean, was cancelled because of Foot and Mouth Disease, and of course this year’s in the North-East has fallen by the wa...

Celebrating the JK Online

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Easter is on the horizon and that usually means the JK for many of us. British Orienteering would like to express thanks and do recognise the disappointment with all of those that were involved in organising this year’s JK and all who were planning on taking a trip to the North East.  Sadly with the...

2020 Yvette Baker Trophy Report

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Report by Sarah Mansel, Yvette Baker Trophy and Shield Coordinator The first three heats in this year’s Yvette Baker competitions have been completed.  Unfortunately, the Welsh heat was to be held at the Welsh Championships event on 29 February and it had to be cancelled due to heavy rain and flood...

Armchair Orienteering

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By Duncan Bayliss, Wrekin Orienteers Can you really do orienteering from your sofa?  Well, during the current shut down of orienteering in the UK there is some good news that there is a surprising amount of orienteering fun to be had online. There are several orienteering games you can purchase suc...


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